Grouping orders for each operation and unit

The system gives the opportunity to group the orders according to a variety of criteria in such a way that the time for reconfiguring the machines is shorter as well as the deadlines for all orders are being monitored.


Through process transparency, staff motivation is enhanced. Data visualization provides access to all workers in the shop to up-to-date information on the status of the working process. Elements of visualization can be graphs, procedures, performance indicators of the respective unit. The information may include safety instructions, quality indicators of production, technological instructions and more.

Process optimization leads to better energy efficiency – increasing the output produced per unit of energy consumed. The system can be integrated with an energy monitoring system.

Traceability /Track and Trace/

Different batches of materials and semi-finished products are used during the production – in the printing industry these are papers, cardboards, inks, varnishes and more. Upon receipt of a customer complaint or subsequent issues, it may be traced back to a batch of problem material, leading to a reduction in the cost to your company (costs incurred by the low-quality material provider).

Similarly, if the defective production is due to human error, by training workers to avoid such errors, the overall quality of the products produced is increased.


The system gives the opportunity to monitor the manufacturing process in real time. For example, which machines are working at the moment, which operator is busy with orders, are there any emergency stay. Moreover, there is an opportunity, important messages to be sent to the workers, when certain event occurs.

The workers receive instructions on their display that is mounted directly on (or to) the machines or unit, with the ability to recall important steps in performing operations. They also have the ability to verify and submit feedback for activities performed by checklist (or in the event of a machine failure). This leads to improved quality and elimination of deviated products.

time, timer, clock



Delivery of materials and tools to workstations immediately before operations start – reduces the waiting time for missing materials, tools and more.

Customer Satisfaction


Customer satisfaction would lead to an increase in sales that can be made without the need for additional staff and machinery. The system is built to be fully integrated with the company processes, and functionality of any kind can be added – from automating the extraction of data from other information systems and machines to printing labels for finished products or quality certificates.

Improving quality

Improving energy efficiency

Reduce and eliminate marriage

Increase in profit

What does the Process Management and Optimization System include?

  • It is mandatory to install a local server with the possibility of cloud installation

  • Devices for operators with ergonomic displays mounted on machines

  • Computer systems for management and other participants in business processes

Which benefits you get?

The benefits obtained by our customers are many and very important with a success rate over 98%. The benefits are most appreciated by our customers in the different departments.

Operations benefits

  • 90% reduction of low in the ERP value activity
  • Missing elimination
  • Resource saturation
  • Lead time reduction
  • Machine stop reduction
  • Real time situation
  • Identification of critical issues in a preventive way

Business benefits

  • ROI within the year
  • Increased service level
  • Waterhouse reduction
  • Increased production
  • Production aligned with business objectives
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased warehouse turns over

IT benefits

  • Centralized data
  • Delete proliferate Excel and Project sheets
  • Maximize the investment of the ERP
  • Stable and Safe integration
  • Safety certificate