APS System

Advanced planning and scheduling (APS) system

This is a type of information system used to optimize the manufacturing management process. Raw materials and production capacity are optimally allocated to meet demand.

APS system is integrated successfully to companies with complex manufacturing operations, which require advanced planning functionality. 

Software of this type can also be applied in other departments such as inventory management and procurement. APS software integrated with manufacturing execution system to deploy production plans on the shop floor. Integration with ERP system is also required to exchange information to demand inventory and production.

To qualify for inclusion in the APS category, a product must:

  • Consolidate demand information from multiple separate systems

  • Track the availability of raw materials and production capacity

  • Create production schedules based on demand and constraints

  • Allows managers to convert production plans into schedules

  • Deliver production plans and schedules for multiple locations

Why we need it ?

The increased complexity and requirements in manufacturing processes and systems, led us to the need for more effective planning of the production management processes and deeper integration into other business processes in the manufacturing companies.

Modern high-performance machines are great for producing long runs of the same type’s products. In reality, clients require more personalized products. If there is not integrated Manufacturing Process Management and Optimization System, production speed becomes lower by every product in the main run and the problem becomes deeper.

APS system shows comprehensive review and analysis of the workload and capacity of all units and supports taking management decisions. The system achieves an increase in the flow rate and therefore an increase in the added value of the products, which leads to a better overall efficiency of the company.