Development and Innovations

What we are doing?

What is our Goal?

Welfare Business Development Team

Consisted of high-level business consultants all over the world with experience in variety of industries, getting excellent results. Our team has a strong relationship with consultants worldwide. We cooperate with them and can support you in the process of developing and expanding your business. If you want to lead your business to the next level, we can do it all together. We arrange a meeting discussing all important points, according to your business.

For just one week, we created your effective business development plan that can be integrated immediately, considering the industry that you are in and the specifics of the business. This will help you develop all departments, create value, save money, resources and time. Our goal is to help other businesses succeed in their industry and reach their highest potential.

Organisation is the key to success

Organisation performs the tasks needed to achieve organizational objectives, resources to be used and the   way tasks will be managed and coordinated. Controlled performance in pursuit of collective goals. Good organizational structure does not by itself produce good performance, but a poor organizational structure makes good performance impossible, no matter how good the individual managers may be

Effective structure of the business is important, because it is providing a frame work through which the organisation can achieve key business objectives. It helps allocating the tasks (group or individual). Also coordinate the efforts between individual groups to achieve tasks. Resources could be people, money, tangible/non-tangible assets. A poorly design structure lead to bad consequences such as low morale, late and inappropriate decisions, conflict and lack of coordination, poor response to new opportunities and external change and rising costs.

Allocating tasks in the group or specific individual and between them as well is also a key point. It is all about Principles, Specialization, Co-ordination, Authority, Responsibility, Correspondence, Control, Balance.

Organizational behaviour is also important, because it shows understanding of individual and group behaviour and patterns of structure in order to help improve organizational performance and effectiveness. People have patterns of behaviour frames of performance: Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology and Organizational culture.

The key elements of the organizational behaviour are:

  • Individual behaviour

  • Group behaviour and development

  • Power, influence and authority

  • Leadership and management