Finite capacity production planning

Comprehensive review and analysis of the workload

The system allows comprehensive review and analysis of the workload and capacity of all units and assists in making management decisions. The system achieves an increase in the flow rate and therefore an increase in the added value of the products, which leads to a better overall efficiency of the enterprise.

Quick decisions

Improved efficiency

On time deliveries

Reduce total time to create the product
Increase production

Increase quality

What do you need in the right place and time?

Reduction of 20% in production time by delivering just-in-time materials and tools, total production time is reduced

Optimizing production planning

Increase productivity by 42%. By reviewing the production plan, it is possible to make quick decisions that avoid unnecessary downtime and waiting, unnecessary operations and reconfiguring of machines. Better tail optimization is provided.

Increased quality

Operators receive instructions directly on a display mounted next to the machines. This system of working avoids errors, when setting up the machine for the particular product.