Manufacturing Forecasting


Softwelfare solution can be applied for variety of manufacturing companies. Integration, simulation power and ease of use in order to increase the feasibility of forecasts to align them with the production department.

Reliable forecasts

They are developed, using algorithms engineered to obtain sales forecast and allow a greater efficiency in the production planning. Softwelfare is equipped with state-of-art algorithms for the generation and management of the entire demand planning process.

Moreover, thanks to reliable and shared forecasts, the saturation of the production resources is maximized. In addition, reliable forecast, eliminate stock-out and reduce production inefficiencies as well as forecast allows aligned procurement that guaranteed the feasibility if the production plan reduction WIP and stock quantities whilst eliminating missing materials.

Forecasting Feasibility

Softwelfare is software that is completely dedicated to manufacturing companies. It allows simulating the future evolution of the sales plan by highlighting in advance all the possible criticalities in terms of materials, resources, evaluating the effects on turnover and margin.

Anticipating the forecasting criticalities, commercial, production and purchasing can collaborate in definition of a shared solution.

Get maximum results exploiting all available data

Thanks to the computing power and an innovative approach, it allows increasing the accuracy of the forecast, making the most of all the data available about the future. Integrates the management of historical data with the management of the acquired portfolio and with the management of negotiations.

Collaboration in the forecast generation

The forecasting model makes it possible to collaborate the various sales channels in a simple and effective way on the forecast of the finished product. In addition, the multilevel approach includes the forecast of consumption of semi-finished products and raw materials in the generation of the plan, ensuring maximum collaboration also with the purchasing and production department.