Sales & Operation Planning

Quick decisions, based on resource constraints

Improved efficiency

Fully timely deliveries

Achieve a better level of quality

On-time deliveries

Satisfied customer

Collaboration between sales and production

Improved service level

Increased productivity

Decreased stock levels

Integration with existing systems. The system complements, not replaces

The system allows easy integration with existing systems within the company using the full potential of each of them, multiplying the level of performance through the combination of different data streams.

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Availability from anywhere at any time. Feedback from production data.

Through the system it is possible to send the received data from the system to a cloud infrastructure or to analyze for better management of the management of the production processes. In this way, a continuous improvement of the quality of the production is achieved, as well as customer satisfaction.

Integrated document management system. Transparency at every level.

The document management system allows you to create, send and manage and manage internal forms, documents requesting materials or tools from one company department to another. During the transmission process, certain parameters are displayed immediately, which are visible to other participants.

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